Course Description

Have you been struggling to fing a pricing structure that actually results in real revenue?

Have you ever finished an event and realized your time investment and the revenue didn't exactly line up?

You might even be wondering how you're going to keep pace with the number of weddings you'll need to book in order to just pay your bills!

You're a seasoned event professional and designer! You're not new to this industry. You have a steady flow of inquiries but you know your pricing structure is not working for you.

Maybe your entire market uses a flat fee structure and you're convinced this is the only structure your clients will accept!

What will your clients say?

In this course I will share with you not only my radical approach to pricing in the wedding and event space, but also my actual pricing structure,

You'll Learn:

What I Charge Now

How I Sell It To My Clients

What to Include In Your Contract

My Unique Design Process

My Sales Process

... and so much more.

The course also allows you to access these downloads for purchase:

Sales Decks
Budget Spreadsheet Templates
Production Schedules
... and more.

These documents may be downloaded individually, and are also offered in several bundles at a value should you decide to purchase more than one download.

Prices vary for each of the available downloads and are listed at the completion page at the end of the course.

I am laying everything about my business model out there for you, because I have nothing to lose and we all have so much to gain as an entire industry if we all begin pricing our services based on the value we deliver to our clients.

This detailed and comprehensive price and sales strategy is what has worked for me over the last 2 years to turn my business around from living paycheck to paycheck, to stashing away savings every month.

This is the most rewarding investment you can make in your business hands down, because after you complete this course and implement these changes into your pricing and sales strategy, you'll see a real return on your investment (and then some!). After the VERY FIRST sale!

You receive lifetime access to the course, so any future updates to the materials you'll be able to review at no further cost.

You will be granted exclusive access to our Facebook group, a community of like-minded professionals who have all taken the course and are there to support and cheer you on as you take the leap and begin charging what you are worth.

In the group I will announce regular "office hours" in the form of a live webinar scheduled periodically, so I can answer your questions and provide further value as you take on this pricing structure and troubleshoot any issues you have with client questions and processes.

This course is not for you if:

You're afraid to break the mold!

You like your packages just the way they are!

You feel like you're making the right amount of money for the expertise you're providing.

BUT If you're ready to:

Start making more money per client in a way that feels authentic and relevant.

Break down the constraints that flat fee pricing places on your business.


Pricing for Profit is not for the faint of heart!

The bottom line is, you can't afford NOT to take this course!

Get ready to learn how to truly make a living in this industry and make the most out of your time and investment in your business.

Charge what you are worth!

*No refunds, no exceptions.

Owner and Principal Planner, Sapphire Events

Valerie Gernhauser

Valerie is a recovering attorney, Yale grad, pug lover, Springsteen fanatic, and Florida native. Calm, cool, and collected is her mantra. She is a natural-born leader that takes pride in moving people, creating memorable milestones, and maintaining poise under pressure.As a thought leader and industry expert in the event space, Valerie has shared her knowledge on national platforms such as the Engage! Luxury Wedding Business Summit, Trouvaille Workshop, Cultivate Retreat, Munaluchi's Coterie Retreat, and has been honored to present as a keynote speaker at SEPA, ILEA, NACE, and and WIPA events across the country. Her recent national tour with the Sapphire Sessions, a specialized program for wedding planners and event designers aimed at elevating event industry best practices for the benefit of the greater good, lead her to develop this course on pricing for profitability in the wedding industry.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Introduction to Pricing for Profit

    • Introduction to Pricing for Profit

    • Can you answer "YES!" to these questions?

    • I know you are not making enough money

    • Where does our pricing come from?

    • The 4 Elements of Value

  • 2

    Module 2: The 3-part pricing structure

    • Introduction to the three-part pricing structure

    • The Planning + Design Fee

    • The Production Fee

    • The "Cap & Drop" Production Fee

    • The Event Management Fee

    • Short Outtake

  • 3

    Module 3: Selling the Price

    • A Tale of Two Companies

    • Sapphire Events sales deck

    • Ruby and Pearl Events sales deck

  • 4

    Module 4: The Planning and Design Process

    • Introduction to the process

    • Initial Inquiry and Consultation

    • The Terms Sheet

    • Welcome Letter, Project Management System, and Initial Questionnaire

    • Starting the Design + Planning Phase

    • Selecting a Creative Team

    • Two Days of Design + Planning Meetings

    • The Design Plan

    • Sample Budget Spreadsheet

  • 5

    Module 5: The Contract

    • Introduction to the Contract

    • Terms and Fee Structure

    • Services and Agreement

    • Travel Fees + Tasting & Meals

    • Design and "DIY"

    • Cancellation

    • Office Hours

    • Abuse Clause

    • Limitation of LIability

    • Other Clauses

    • "Legalese" Clauses

  • 6

    Final Thoughts

    • Final Thoughts

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.